Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Israel? Yalla!" event was a hit!

Tues. night UF Hillel hosted this informational, cultural and food-stuffing-fun event relating to all things Israel. Jewish and non-Jewish students joined Joshua Kahn, Jeffrey Kaplan and Jessica Davis on the second floor and balcony of Hillel for some free barbeque, hummus, beer, Bisli and Bamba. A live band kept up the lively atmosphere of the event while students traveled around the rooms viewing obsure Israeli facts posted on the walls and voting on the best pictures from the most recent Taglit Birthright trip.

During the event, students listened to a presentation about studying abroad from a University of Haifa and Masa representative. The representative explained that UF and the University of Haifa now have an official joint study program and huge support from both administrations. How exciting!

Also during the presentation three student winners were chosen and given giftcards to the places of their choice. Two winners were chosen from a raffle and one winner from the last Birthright trip was awarded for having the best Israel picture. Congratulations Chelsea Egozi for taking an awesome picture!

Keep your eyes and ears open for more events like this one because we always have something sababa (cool) up our sleeves!

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