Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Josh has 6 different Bosses

OK if you don't know Josh, here's his bio on our website:
Joshua Kahn (Israel Fellow) was born in Australia, raised throughout America, and at the age of 20 made Aliyah to Israel. After completing his undergraduate degree at the Lauder School of Government as an Argov Fellow in Leadership and Diplomacy, he enlisted as a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. After his release, Josh joined the Israel Project in Washington, DC as their strategic communications intern. Josh is excited to share his passion and love for Israel and join the Hillel family. His brother James (a Hillel rabbi at U-Md) and his wife, Paula, were active members of the Hillel at UF, as were his parents, a generation ago. Josh, a committed vegan for the last ten years, enjoys scuba-diving, rock-climbing and traveling the Land of Israel in his free-time.

Here's a picture:Joshua Kahn

Now that you've gotten to know Josh meet his bosses: Me, Keith, Ronen, Anat, Wayne, Sharansky.

These are Josh's supervisors, not in order of  importance but rather amount of exposure.  I mean I share an office with him.  Keith, the exec director of our Hillel, is down the hall.  Ronen who supervises all Shlichim in North America and Wayne, the President of Hillel intl, are both in D.C. Anat works with the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Sharansky is the president of JAFI. 

Each one of us is invested in Josh, and each one of us has expectations of him as they correspond to our agenda.  A local Hillel doesn't necesarily have the same agenda as the Hillel Intl center, and JAFI and Hillel, although in a beatuiful partenership, have different goals. 

And Josh falls in the middle of this.  He has to balance all of these competing expectations and succeed on campus.

Why do I bring any of this up?  Because in less than an hour one of the other bosses is coming to town, to see Josh, his apartment, probably evaluate him, meet students, make sure I supervise him correctly, etc... This is totally Kosher, btw.

So we put together this kick-tuchas program for tonight about Israel step one and two programs -a step one is something like a ten day trip on Birthright, step two is something like study abroad- that included live jam band, bonfire, BBQ, information about programs,with representatives from Masa, the University of Haifa, and Yossi Chajes. 

Then the fit hit the shan.  We've been having storms all day and expect another 2 inches to come down.  

So no Bonfire.

All day we've been scrambling to find a way to replicate the feel of an outdoor event in our gazebo next to the fire pit in a upstairs foyer, balcony, and gameroom.  

We will make it work, this stuff kind of always happens when you plan events.  You can have your own idea of how it will run and who will be there, but you never really know until it happens, and what challenges you'll face until they surprise you.  We are good at that.  I actually think that we as a staff are really good at that. 

We'll have to wait and see how Josh's other 4 bosses react to how this thing turns out.  

Stay tuned, we will have a Youtube Video up tomorrow about the event!

This post is written by Jeff Kaplan, Program director.  You can reach him at jeff@ufhillel.org or on Twitter @jeffdude

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