Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bringing Back a Childhood Classic with a Jewish Twist

 Rachel Benjamin narrowly avoided a soapy and wet fate by carefully balancing across a wooden plank to bring a pitcher of water to the other side of a kiddie pool.
             “It’s just like when Moses crossed the Red Sea,” she said. “Well, sort of.” 
 Benjamin is the president of Kesher, a reform Jewish student organization at the University of Florida. She organized the fake game show, Legends of the Hidden (Jewish) Temple, Sunday afternoon in the Hillel garden.
Using the original children’s show from the 1990s as a model, Benjamin and Hillel staff created replicas of games from the show, like a bungee race and scavenger hunt. Each of these games told a story about Jewish history.
In the bungee race, students had to fight against a bungee rope secured to a wall to be the first person to grab the last bottle of oil to light the Hanukkah menorah. Thus, explaining the story of Hanukkah and the miracle of the burning oil.
In the following round, students had to bring a filled pitcher across a wooden plank placed over three kiddie pools filled with red soapy water. The game was symbolic of Moses bringing the Jewish slaves out of Egypt and parting the Red Sea to flee oppression in the desert.
In the final round of the event, students had to follow a series of clues throughout the Hillel building to find the 10 commandments. The two student winners of the event received Jewish themed hats and shirts from Hillel.
“Hillel’s support of Kesher has been invaluable,” Benjamin said. “The staff helps coordinate and house a lot of our best events.”

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