Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tzedek Tuesdays has a guest entry this week! Presenting.... MISSY GOLDSTEIN!

Anybody who doesn't know what cancer is, must be living under quite a large rock.  And anyone is hasn't been affected by cancer might just be the luckiest person in the world.  Cancer is a truly horrible disease that is claiming more and more lives every day, with still no sure.  

This is part of why I Relay.

SO here's my shpiel:  Relay for Life at UF is an 18-hour event, through the American Cancer Society, designed to raise money for cancer research and awareness.  It brings together students from all over the UF community to fight for a common cause.  It's also an amazingly fun event that provides activities and entertainment every half hour.  The theme for this year is Road Tripping for a Cure: Driving out Cancer.

Every team picks a city or road trip stop and holds fundraisers that have to do with that location. 
 So get excited for early morning yoga, the Mr. Relay competition (yes, this means dressing a guy up like a girl to run around and raise money), and all different kinds of bands to play throughout the 18 hours.
What could be better than spending 18 hours with all of your closest friends?

Everyone is touched by cancer in some form, and it reaches closer to home for some than others.  I Relay to honor the life and memory of my aunt, a strong woman who lost the fight to cancer two years ago.  My best friend’s mother, who is one of the most amazing women I've ever met, has been fighting breast cancer since before I met her over ten years ago.  These strong women are my role models and it is within my power to help give them more birthdays, so I do. 

So now I expect that you're asking how you can involved in this wonderful event.
Well, it's really simple. 

1. You can sign up to join Hillel/Jewish Student Union's  Relay for Life team.
-go to relayforlife.org/uffl, click "join a team," and search for UF Hillel.

2. Donate to the team (online, check, or cash).

3. Come to our team meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, February 16) at Hillel for more information- 5:30pm

4. Attend our upcoming fundraisers:

-Gelato Company- Tuesday February 22 8-10pm
-Casino Night- Saturday February 26 7-10pm
-A Cappella Night- Wednesday March 23- more info to come

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Missy Goldstein
(904) 238-0836

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