Monday, February 21, 2011

Who are you?

 As Cady Heron's mom asks after she finds the fertility of the Undubelly Tribe under the kitchen sink. Our identity shapes us and our actions everyday. Without a sense of identity we are doomed to wander the earth confused and never really feeling like we belong. Tomorrow, February 22nd at 8pm, Manoa Arts will holds its second Art for the Jewish Heart of the semester. We will be discussing identity as individuals, but also as Jews. Where do you belong and how do you fit in? We will also talk about how stereotypes affect our identities as well. 
As Purim is coming up, how does this apply to wearing a costume and hiding our true selves? Express how you connect with this issue by doing 3-D Modge Podge Collages. If you don't know what Modge Podge is, come find out and bring friends! We will provide all of the needed materials. Art for the Jewish Heart is a "safe place," there are no right or wrong answers, just come out and express

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