Friday, March 25, 2011

Purim is not a one night stand!

Purim is not a one night stand type of event, but a string of events over an entire week.

I remember growing up baking Hamentaschen for weeks to sell for the biggest youth group fundraiser of the year, playing carnival style games at the Purim carnival and dressing up for the Megillah reading and shpiel. During the Megillah reading, I was the “stop-sign girl”. We had a homemade stop sign that had go on one side and stop on other. I was the one who flipped the sign to go when Haman’s name was read.

Why should Purim in college be any different?

This entire week was full of Hamentaschen bake-offs, a carnival on campus and costumes at the Megillah reading.

UF Hillel did not spend Purim inside Hillel. Instead, we ventured downtown to Mars for laser tag! The venue was awesome for a costume party for Purim.

Everyone schmoozed and ate homemade Hamentaschen while laughing at funny costumes. The Megillah was read and everyone booed and made noise with groggers upon hearing Hamans name.

There was plenty of beer so we could fulfill the mitzvah of not being able to tell Mordechai and Haman apart at the end of the night.

The added twist of playing laser tag on Purim really capped off the night. The idea was so different and just so much fun.

The adrenaline of running around in costume was hilariously entertaining. The event was a successful way to celebrate being Jewish with close friends.

This post was written by our Social Programming Intern, Marissa Gottesman.

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