Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rabbi Telshukin visit reflection

I have never felt more connected with being Jewish than I did last night. It may seem like an overstatement, but last night that was exactly how I felt. (Well maybe when I went to Israel for the first time).

Last night Hillel had the pleasure of hosting Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. He was just as intellectual and informative as I could ever have imagined. Having dinner with him was like being in the room with a modern day Maimonides. The topics he discussed seemed so simple and yet so thought provoking.

He discussed the power and necessity of forgiveness; something that seems so foreign at times. Yet, as we usher in Shabbos we remember that we each have the ability to start over. We can all be the people we want to be, regardless of what has happened the day before. As Rabbi Telushkin ended his lecture saying: “Be a better person tomorrow than you were today".

This post was written by our Shabbat & Holidays Chairwoman, Andrea James.

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