Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quadruple Whammy...

So, I love Torah on Tap.

A little beer, some pizza, and GREAT conversation. But tonight will be extra special (the quadruple whammy).

We are proud to have the attendance of three-time United States Olympian and 2010 Gold Medalist in 4-man bobsled, Steve Mesler.

I had heard a little about Steve Mesler, as he is a University of Florida alumni, but I didn't feel like I knew enough about him to adequately write about why we were so excited to have him here.

So I started to do a little research...thank you, Google!

Steve Mesler is a motivational speaker, Olympian, CEO and member of the Classroom Champions Board of Directors. He has spoken at universities all over the US, including his alma mater UF. When does the man sleep?

I also found out he has the largest Twitter following of any male team-sport Winter Olympian in the world, currently at over 40,000... ummm, can you see why?

We are very excited to have this motivational speaker with us tonight on the back porch of Leonardo's pizza. Be there at 9 for the pizza, beer, great conversation and Olympian.

“Be that person you would want to be inspired by. No matter what you do, kids are going to look up to you just as you looked up to others who were successful. Be that inspiration you wanted.” -Steve Mesler.

See you all at Torah on Tap tonight at 9!

This post was written by our public relations intern, Jordan Barrish.

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