Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UF Hillel Staff Travels to Israel Next Week

This upcoming week UF Hillel staff will be traveling to Israel, most notably Haifa and Tel Aviv, thanks to a generous grant from MASA Israel and University of Haifa. The staff including: the Executive Director, Executive Assistant, Program Director, Jewish Student Life Coordinator, and Israel Fellow, will be spending eight days in Israel engaging in different aspects of the University of Haifa program.

University of Haifa recently coordinated with the University of Florida to develop a study abroad program for UF students. This program counts for direct UF credits and can be funded through Bright Futures and Florida Pre-paid scholarships. MASA Israel will also fund an additional $1,000-$4,000 for interested students. There is still availability for UF students to participate in this program this Fall. Contact Josh Kahn at
josh@ufhillel.org for more information.

After this trip to Israel, the staff will have experienced firsthand the unique experience of studying at the University of Haifa. They will be able to knowledgeably promote the program to UF students, while also being able to discuss, based on their personal accounts, study abroad programs, volunteer programs, and other unique experiences that MASA Israel offers to students.

As an intern at UF Hillel, I have had the honor to work with the UF Hillel staff on a daily basis. Their passion and dedication to the work of UF Hillel is truly something to be celebrated. The fact that they are taking time from their busy and exhausting lives as UF Hillel staff to travel to Israel and engage in more meetings, speeches, and ultimately working for the betterment of UF students is a feat that should not go unrecognized.

I am also serving as the next Israel Manoa position, and thus have a passion for the pro-Israel community at UF. The fact that UF Hillel staff is so dedicated to travel to Israel and engage in work to better the opportunities for the UF community’s relation with the University of Haifa, also resonates strongly with myself and many other students committed to the pro-Israel community.

UF Hillel will also be staffing and organizing three Birthright trips this upcoming May for UF Students. Altogether, UF Hillel will be bringing 120 Jewish Gators to Israel in May to experience an Israel Experts Taglit-Birthright trip.

I just recently attended an IsraelExperts Birthright Trip this past winter as my first trip to Israel. The trip was a life-changing experience, due not only to the unique itinerary but also to my fantastic staff who dedicated so much of themselves to ensure that I got the most out of the trip. I must say that I am jealous of these 120 Gators, not just because they get to attend a Birthright trip, but because of the awesome UF Hillel staff that will be bringing them to Israel. UF Hillel staff after this trip to Israel will be better prepared for staffing these Birthright trips, while already asserting their dedication and passion for ensuring that these trips will be life changing experiences for all 120 students.

Look out for more details on the staff’s trip to Israel next week!

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