Monday, June 6, 2011

Did you miss us?

Oy Gevalt! It's been a mamishly long time since this blog has had any action. Sorry about that...but we have good reason! I promise. Our staff has been all around the world the past month and a half.

The UF Hillel sent over 120 students on Birthright this year, our entire staff has been gone staffing trips, extending trips, taking vacations, etc... Furthermore it's Summer A at UF so there's about 1/6 of the regular student population.

Anyway, we're back now. And I want to update you as to what we have planned for Summer B (Starting June 26) when about 1/3 of the student pop. will be here, mostly freshmen.

First a note to incoming students and parents:
Drop us an email and let us know when you'll be arriving and moving in. Jess and myself are going to be traveling around campus delivering cold water and welcome packets with coupons, Gainesville info, and Hillel info. Email me at or her at

The entire next week we'll be on campus tabling in Turlington and the Plaza promoting Welcome Week events. We are looking at having an I <3 NY Pizza night, a bowling night, and a Design-your-own T-Shirt day on Campus. Our first Shabbat will be on July 1.

That Sunday (July 3) we are going to Lake Wauberg for a picnic and game day. The next day is independence day! We will be having a full day of BBQing and lawn games at Hillel. Some kiddie pools may make an appearance too.... That night we'll have our own Fireworks show from our roof. (Side note, UF is NOT having a fireworks show this year. The UF Hillel is stepping up to deliver an awesome show this year right on University Ave. Show starts at 9pm)

Other things we have planned this summer include: Broward Beach Pool Party, Mars Pub and Laser Tag night, Candle making workshop, Challah baking, Make your own pita and hummus night, and of course Shabbat.

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