Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The dumb thing I did today

So here's the dumb thing I did today while trying to do a good thing.

Sam and I went to give blood today.  Because that's the good thing to do. Here are some pictures of us.

Some things you should know if you donate blood this week.

1. Give yourself plenty of time.  Lots of students are donating for the UK vs. UF blood drive contest.
2. Eat before you go.
3. Tell them when you register that you are with the Hillel Jewish Student Center.
4. If you get the technician named Sam from LifeSouth, ask her to do her T-Rex impression.  If she won't do it, ask her what joke I told her about why the T-rex is always mad.  If you don't do any of those things, ask Jeff why the T-Rex is so mad...hint, it has nothing to do with the fact that he can only fit in the UF Hillel Sukkah (that sukkah line is a reference to
5. Don't give yourself 30 minutes between donating blood and going to a JGAP Beer Tasting event.

Why emphasize #5?  Glad you ask.

Tonight we had our first JGAP (Jewish Grads and Professionals) event of the Spring Semester.  And it was awesome!  We had around 30 participants hanging out at Swamphead Brewery, which is the local brew of Gainesville. 

If you get a chance go there sometime. If you like beer, go there all the time.  If you just donated blood, wait sometime.  

That's the dumb thing I did. 

Well at any rate, here's how you know if you qualify for for JGAP:
- grad or professional student
- young professional (I said young, Josh Kahn)
- in the 5th year of a program like engineering or accounting (sorry, you can't come to JGAP if your taking a victory lap or you're a super senior)
- you are a graduating senior who has already been accepted into a graduate program 

And to learn about our events and what's shaking with JGAP join our facebook group

Interested in joining or supporting a JGAP event,  contact  To donate blood with Jeff (which is a lot more fun that it sounds, I make friends with the whole bus) come with him in 8 weeks, as early as March 21 to save some lives!

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