Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Howie Update!

Thank you everyone who signed the card! Howie loves it!!!

We've been getting lots of concerned phone calls and emails about Howie.  Thank you all so much for your support.  The feedback ranges from people who want to go and visit Howie, to the wonderful Mary Barrish who has baby sit for Howie's nephew, to people like Scott Fried who wrote to ask that his name be added to the card from New York City, to people who have no connection to him, but feel something and just ask for updates.  They feel they are part of this community that takes care of each other, and want to share that.  

Howie has made an incredible recovery so far.  He has greatly exceeded all expectations by his brilliant doctors.  The thing is, with a heart transplant, recovery takes months.  Howie's family has to temporarily relocate from Miami to Gainesville.  Normally they would stay in something like the Ronald McDonald House, but Howie is just a little too old to qualify his family staying there.  So the family has to find private housing and support themselves while Howie goes through physical therapy and recovery. 

Many have asked what they can do to help, and a group of students at the UF Hillel has created a solution. The students here have decided to start a charitable fund to help lower the costs for Howie's family.  They ask that you consider making a small donation to "The Howie Family Fund" to help his family through this tough time.  All donations can be online or on the phone by emailing or calling Blair Morse (of UF Hillel) at blair@ufhillel.org or 352-372-2900.  

I would like to recommend one thing.  Please consider making donations of $18 for "life" or Chai in Hebrew or for $32 for "Heart" or Lev in Hebrew.  ***Please note, make checks out to UF Hillel and write in the memo section "The Howie Fund"***

Thank you for your support,
The Students at the UF Hillel

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