Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Break Safety Tips, from your pals Jeff & Scott

Listen, I know it's Spring Break now, and all you kids are on the beach, or cruising or in Mexico, or whatever.  Just don't end up like this.

I put together my list of Spring Break Safety Tips to keep you kids safe.

1. Use the Buddy System
This one is for guys and girls. 
Dudes, leave no man behind!  
Girls, this is good for when your out during the day and when things get wild at night.  But don't try pulling this one as an excuse.  Nobody like the girl who screams, "We came together and we leave together".  All your doing is shmeck-blocking.  Don't shmeck-block.

2. Drink lots of water, not just iced drinks
If you stay hydrated, you will stay happy.  It will increase your longevity throughout the week, help you process all the toxins you are putting in your body and help you recover faster!  Drink lots of water.

3. Wrap it up
WHAT, YOU WANT A MINI-VAN?! If I need to spell this one out for you...we have serious problems.  Also, think about having a designated condom carrier.  Don't be a dummy, wrap it up.

Then something awesome happened! While writing this Scott Fried called me, so I had him help me finish my list!!!
Scott Fried Tips with explanations by Jeff:
4. If you didn't tell your friends where you're going or didn't invite them, don't share!
You like eggs?  You like your face?  You like eggs on your face?! Then don't rat yourself out.  Play it smart.

5. Call the next day
It's the right thing to do.

6. Sun block
No less than SPF 15. And don't use that Hawaiian Tropic oil crap.

7. Don't post incriminating pictures
You like eggs?  You like your face?  You like eggs on your face?! Then don't rat yourself out.  Play it smart.   And these pictures are forever once you post them.  Maybe not on your hard drive, but on the server you uploaded to, that stays FOREVER!

8. No drunk posting
I promise you if I see a tweet or facebook post by one our students that says something like, "OMFG SO ISH-FACED RIGHT NOW!! SB2012 #WOOOO!" I will retweet it and share it and print it out and repost it and make an iMovie of it.  Why?  As incentive for you not to be a dummy. 

9. Know your limits/Scott says be mindful, put down the 3rd drink
Nobody likes a sloppy gator.

10. From Scott Fried, no drunk sex.  "Do not combine drinking and sex, it will end in a crisis email to me!" -Scott
Scott says do not mix the two!  This is where people make mistakes, and get into situations they wish they weren't in.  You can easily avoid it, don't mix these two. 

Be Safe!  See you next week!

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