Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Think you can do my job?

Guess what my shnitzle-eating-dreidel-spinnning-hamentaschen-baking-kinderlachen?  We're hiring!  Think you can do my job?

Then apply to be our newest Engagement Associate!  Actually, that's not my job; but it it is mighty close.  I am the handsome Program Director that you see at all the events and holidays.  The Engagement Associate job is a little more specific in scope.  Here's a description of the job responsibilities: 

Jewish Engagement

1.  The Engagement Associate develops and supports UF Hillel engagement initiatives as
appropriate while also taking on an engagement portfolio to identify and build relationships with uninvolved and peripheral students.

2.  The Engagement Associate helps coordinate Leadership Training for emerging student leaders 

while developing strong relationships and working with the staff of campus offices and departments 

involved in student programming and student services.

3.  Participate and coordinate at least one large program a month targeted towards uninvolved/engagement 

students.  This could be in areas such as speakers, art programs, ASB trips, Holiday parties, etc.

4.  Coordinate and support student initiated programs, including working with and guiding our Peer 

Networking Interns (PNEI), and attending these programs.  Initiate additional programs, as needed, for 

targeted student groups (i.e. Freshman in the dorms, Greek life, etc.).

5.  Using the REACH database, track student contacts and Jewish Journeys as well as perform evaluations

on every program.

And there is other stuff like doing our weekly mailings and posting on our social networks (Twitter, FB, Pinterest, YouTube, Blog)


Candidates should have at least a B.A.  Candidates must have excellent interpersonal and group work skills and be highly organized with excellent communication skills. Candidates should have a strong Jewish identity and the ability to inspire students to continue to grow in their Jewish journey.  Candidates should be high energy, self-starters and be able to work well in a team.   

I know, I know, I know, you are probably thinking, "But Jeff this isn't a quarter of what you do? How do you get it all done? Where do you find the time?" I will tell you, this isn't about me, it's about you.  Also, a common misconception is that one has to be involved in Hillel to work at a Hillel.  Well that just is a myth.  Another myth is that this is Jewish Engagement:

Which yea I guess is one kind.  But we are talking about this kind:

Tabling is a HUGE part of the job!
Not actually at UF but still...

Meet great students!

Spend lots of time at involvement fairs

Also you need to be prepared to answer these 2 questions well:
1. Why do you think this Hillel and position is best suited for you?
2. Please reflect on a time when you built strong relationships where none previously existed.

You need to be a pro at building relationships, you need to be extroverted, you need to be good looking.

Just kidding about that last one, that's discrimination.  Shame on you if you laughed.  If you didn't laugh, shame on you for not thinking @Jeffdude is funny. 


Good luck!  
This post was written by the greatest and best looking Hillel Program Professional ever at any Hillel.  Follow him @jeffdude on the twitter. 

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