Friday, March 9, 2012

We're on Pinterest!

I really can't help but notice that almost every female I know is on Pinterest.  And almost every guy I know thinks it's lame but hangs out with their lady friends while they are on it.  Let me address this first.  Guys, it's OK to be on Pinterest.  Really.  Take it from me, I used to be a scholar in social media...or something like that.  
Is it the logo?  Is it too feminine? 

Fine. I get it.  Pretend that one never existed and try on this gender-neutral logo.

Better?  Good.  Now let's continue.

If you don't know what Pinterest is, I'll explain very quickly.  Then I'll share with you all how we at Hillel are using it, and I'll finish with my personal feelings on this idolatry of materialism social media website. 

What it is, yo? Wassssssup?
"Now if you have a message to convey, what better way for your audience to get your content instantly than by offering it to them visually and not textually? I mean, look at some of the most popular apps out there, they are all based on graphics and not text. Pinterest allows you to share your content, whether it is a nice table you saw in an online catalog, a pretty dress (yes, Pinterest is still somewhat dominated by the female demographic), or, wait for it… Your app’s logo!" Thanks,  for the sound bite
So you find things, you pin them to your themed boards, and they show up on your followers home pages.  It's cool, and the fastest any website has reached 10 million users, ever.  It's worth knowing about.  
Ok, we good? Any other questions just go to, you'll figure it out real quick.
How does UF Hillel use it?
We made a board called, "For the Jew in Yew".  And we've been posting pictures and stuff relevant to what is going on.  Yesterday we posted about Purim, today we posted pictures of Shabbat, Challah, a recipe, week we'll post about the film festival, after that about Passover.  
I see this as a way to not only spread our non-profit's reach but to also keep our values relevant and on our student's radar. 
Here's a link to the UF Hillel Pinterest: 
Jeff's 2 cents
I see the value for Hillel to use it.  I get why people like it.  But I don't like it. 
I don't care for a site that is dedicated to wants and dreams of material things. I don't want to waste my time lollygagging around the internet playing pretend in an imaginary world.  I honestly think that people make these boards and feel like in some way they own a piece of what they have pinned.  
Before you jump down below to the comments to poop on me, let me finish my post.  
If you are looking for recipes, this might be a good place.  An inspirational, but sappy, quote will likely be on here too.  Looking for ideas to decorate your place, ok that'll be here.  But don't get sucked in and end up with 50 boards that make you depressed about what you don't and will never have in this life.  I see so many people with boards titled "Someday...maybe" it makes me want to grab these girls and tell them, "You is smart!  You is kind!  You is special!" then give them the Scott Fried "I'M ENOUGH" bracelet. 
I think I'll start my own site.  Call it "" Here people will post pictures of the things they love, things that make them happy, and things they share with their friends. It will give people the chance to reevaluate who they are, where they are in this world, and how to appreciate that some more.  
Hillel will have a page there too.
This post was written by Jeff who says we but usually means I. Tell him off at @jeffdude on Twitter.  

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