Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthright Registration!

I am so excited to see that the amount of people registering for birthright has already overloaded birthright’s internet server. Winter birthright registration for those who have previously registered is now open.  Also, general registration opens Wednesday at 10 a.m., for those of you who have never signed up before!  Hillel staff and volunteers will be on campus Wednesday helping people sign up. Most people know the general idea behind birthright, but here are some fun facts that you probably did not know:

1. Taglit Birthright has several trip providers that specialize for particular groups. Examples: reform, orthodox, Hillel, outdoors, arts
2. Israel uses a different voltage system than the U.S. (220V), so make sure to pack an adapter.
3. It takes around $3,000 to send a participant on a birthright trip, so thank the Israeli government, Jewish philanthropists, and your Jewish federation for all of the support. 
4. You will see more cats in Jerusalem than ever before in your life. 
5. 750,000 nights have been booked into Israeli hotel rooms throughout Israel by birthright participants
6. Young people from 59 different countries have been sent on birthright 

Happy Registering!!!!!

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