Thursday, September 27, 2012

Everyone can be a superhero

As you may know, if you know me or are an avid reader of Hillel's blog, that I am the Jewish Learning here at UF Hillel.  Someone who has inspired me through Jewish learning is a rabbi who I met at camp, Rabbi Phyllis Sommer.

Rabbi Sommer is an amazing human being.  She is kind and genuine and stronger than most people you will probably ever meet.  Inspiration is a large part of my Jewish identity.  It helps me think up fun ideas for programs, allows me to see Torah portions, texts, and other issues from different perspectives than I may not have thought of originally.  Given that I plan to work as a Jewish professional, this is very important. 

So why does all of this matter?
Because we are one, big, Jewish family.  A kehillah kedosha- a holy community.  And I'm hoping you can help me out with a little project.  Rabbi Sommer's 6-year-old son, Sam, is currently in the hospital battling Lukemia.  He has already undergone three rounds of chemotherapy, and has one round left. 
Sam LOVES superheros.  So I'm going to ask you a small favor.  
I want YOU to help me show Sam how many people are on him team, so he can feel the love:

Take a photograph of yourself wearing your favorite superhero shirt
(or helping up their logo...or just smiling!)

Print out the picture.

Put it in an envelope and mail it to:

Sam Sommer, E571 E582

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

P.O. Box 1997

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1997
And PLEASE (pretty please) pass this along and share it with your family and friends.
If you want more information about Sam and his journey:
If you want more awesome Jewish inspiration from Rabbi Sommer:
B'Shalom (in peace),

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