Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy New Year!

After Rosh Hashanah and a crazy week of getting back in the swing of things, I was honored to attend Shabbat at Hillel with Congressman Ted Deutch as a guest.  He was coming in town with his family for the Kentucky game and was able to make it to Shabbat dinner.  As a member of Gators for Israel, I know that the Congressman has a great relationship with UF students because when we go to D.C. he always makes time to see us.  I sat with one of his daughters and his son and couldn't stop telling them how cool it is that Congressman Deutch is their father.  The highlight of the Shabbat was when Nicole Krassner, Gators for Israel President, introduced the Congressman to speak.  He wished everyone a L'shana Tova and then got into Middle East politics.  He discussed his passion toward the state of Israel and why he fights for Israel.  He shared with us how he got involved in foreign policy and how that led him to running for office.  His story was inspiring. I was glad that I brought in Shabbat with Congressman Ted Deutch and that I rekindled my relationship with him.  Shabbat at Hillel had a larger audience than usual because student leaders that were interested in establishing a relationship with the Congressman came as well. I was indeed proud to be there.

Metisyahu will be in Gainesville after the high holiday festivities.  Please join us October 23rd! If you are interested in purchasing a ticket please email ARTS@UFHILLEL.EDU with your name, phone number and how many ticket you want.

Wishing everyone a L'shana Tova and a safe and easy fast.

Dannie Lehrer

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