Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lunching and Learning

Every year at camp each session has a limud topic (a Jewish topic that we learn about during the session), and as a camper I was lucky enough to learn from many wonderful rabbis, cantors, and educators (the faculty) about a variety of topics.  However, as a staff member I have the opportunity to work with AND learn from these Jewish teachers in different settings.  We plan limud for our campers, discuss potential careers in the field of Jewish professional life, and we have lunch and learn.  Because the faculty visits camp on a rotating basis--usually two weeks per set of faculty--we get to learn from many people.

On Wednesdays different faculty members offer to teach a lunch and learn for the staff.  One or two madrichim (counselors) from each eidah (unit) are given the opportunity to attend.  Appropriately so, much of our time as madrichim is spent taking care of and looking out for our chanichim (campers).  During lunch and learn we get to be people--college students--who want to learn.  This summer I learned about whether or not you can make kiddush on beer and what the RAC (the Religious Action Center) is all about.

Because I think Lunch and Learn is so wonderful I'm bringing it to you: the UF population.  This Friday there will be a Lunch and Learn in Plaza of the Americas at 12:45 (it will be during 6th period).  You provide your lunch and I'll provide dessert (yum).  As Friday is Shabbat Shuvah-the Friday between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur-we will be talking about the High Holidays and the Jewish year ahead of us.  Below is the link to the facebook event.  I hope you're able to make it and please feel free to bring your friends.

Shana Tova U'metuka (A sweet and happy new year),

Missy Goldstein
UF Hillel Jewish Learning intern

If you're interested in creating or participating in Jewish Learning opportunities here at UF Hillel, please let me know.  It's important to me that programs are focused on what you want to learn.  Yes, YOU.  So give me a shout:  

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