Sunday, September 2, 2012

This week I felt a different connection to Hillel and the Jewish community than ever before.  I have spent every day this week being connected to the Jewish community here at UF in some way.  I met with the Jewish Student Union Executive board to plan what is to come, and then after our meeting, I wrote an article about JSU for the Odyssey! I worked at Hillel twice this week as a greeter.  I met with Rabbi Gail Swedroe and the other Manoa interns to talk about our goals for the year along with upcoming events. 
I share these encounters, because every time I step foot into Hillel or meet with JSU staff or other Jewish students across campus, I engage with the Jewish community on a different level.  Whether I am just saying “Hello” to fellow students as they walk through the Hillel doors, or having an in depth conversation with Rabbi Daniel Wolnerman or Melissa Stern, Hillel's engagement associate, about being Jewish and future careers, I am reminded how important Judaism is to me, and how great of a role the Jewish community, especially Hillel, plays in my life.
This week, I have shared my passion with freshmen, as involvement applications go out.  I explain to them why I got so involved in Hillel and what it means to me.  As a sophomore, I am excited to see freshmen apply and follow the footsteps of those who lead them.  Hopefully they will influence other Jewish students lives and feel the connection that myself and many other students here at UF feel toward Hillel.
This year I have taken my Jewish involvement to another level.  I serve as the Manoa Arts Intern which means that I get to plan events relating to art, at Hillel. If any students are interested in helping plan Art related events for Hillel, please contact me at

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