Thursday, September 6, 2012

What is Manoa?

What is Manoa?

Manoa means machine in Hebrew. Manoa is also the name of UF Hillel’s student leadership team.

It is with the help of students like you Hillel  is able to provide a variety of programming catering to different aspects of Jewish life. There are six different programming areas, each catering to a different aspect of Jewish life.  Each program area is headed by a Manoa intern and has a committee that helps plan events for students and the community.  The six program areas are: art, Israel, Jewish learning, Shabbat and holidays, social and tzedek (social justice).

Do you see a committee that sounds interesting to you?  Please contact the Manoa intern heading that committee to discuss how to get involved. Contact them if you are interesting in getting involved with Manoa, have any questions or if you would like to join a committee.

Arts Programming–Danielle Lehrer:
Israel Programming- Kimmie Klaiman:
Jewish Learning Programming- Missy Goldstein:
Social Programming- Alex Masi:
Shabbat & Holidays Programming- Sarah Pila:
Tzedek (Social Justice) Programming- Pammie Shapiro:

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